aka Lisa. once blogger. writer & artist. I love coffee and theology podcasts and snail mail.instagram / goodreads / pinterest /
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i used to blog on inkwell but now that i have closed that chapter, this will be my headquarters for portfolio and contact. i used to be on social medias but these days i'm ruthlessly eliminating hurry so u won't find me on there.ABOUT:- entp. enneagram 3w2. based in Canada.
- coffee enthusiast. was a barista for a bit.
- my favorite movie is Ghibli's Ponyo but i'm also a fan of kdrama and biopics.
- favorite novels: Nirvana in Fire, In 27 Days (which I'm famous for promoting), The Westing Game, Wolf by Wolf, and The Blue Castle.
STUFF I'VE ACCOMPLISHED I GUESS:- edited/beta read over a dozen projects.
- written, illustrated, and proofread for Oh Beloved One for a span of 3 years.
- managed submissions and proofread at Havok for nearly 2 years. (read my flash fic pubbed at Havok right here.)
- currently serving as head graphic designer at TCKs for Christ.
- designed Ghibli - Issue 2 for Levatio.
- painted some bookish merch art for indie authors and helped with brand design.

a selection of drawings

I like pencils and pens; have a love-hate relationship with paint; and am learning digital art. my favorite subject is faces, particularly female faces—but nearly everyone I know says they associate me more with landscapes and animals o.o that must be because I rarely send anyone a random face in the mail.my favorite art books on the meaning of art are Adorning the Dark, The Artisan Soul, and Art and Faith.

some designs

there's nothing like tweaking the margins for hours, in my opinion at least. nothing brings out my perfectionist like a good spot of graphic design (especially websites). I love it but I also stress hard about getting it just right. here are some Instagram grid designs I made for @tcksforchrist (where I'm resident designer), a brand identity kit, and some pages from Levatio's Studio Ghibli issue.